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November 2023 Barrel Horse News Magazine

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The Equine Professionals Issue shines a spotlight on the pros outside the arena who make our sport go round. You’ll learn how saddles are built, and why it’s important to support barrel racing event photographers and videographers by purchasing media instead of screenshotting. Plus, we’ve got tips on battling strangles this winter and a BHN exclusive stats piece on who’s won the most in show history at the Barrel Futurities of America World Championships, just in time to study up before the event this month. Get a jump on Christmas shopping with the select advertisers Christmas Gift Guide and catch up on stories from events like the Breeders Challenge, Ardmore Barrel Futurity, The Mega, Blitz, Breeder’s Elite Canada, summer Shootout races and all the Northwest futurities.

Price $4.99

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